Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.
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How can I help?

Groups and individuals come to the rescue to help in many ways. There is always something to do at the rescue like grooming, cleaning, and just loving the animals. We have many animals and we don't just want to feed them. We want to help them learn that people can be trusted and that they can be loved. Grooming can be very therapeutic and calming to people, and between the mud and the burrs, grooming is needed. 

In the spring and fall, we will be arranging clean up days to help clean up the grounds and get ready for the summer or winter respectively. We also attend the local parades and the Frederick Fair, so volunteers are needed to toss candy and show support for our rescue. 

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Stephanie Kalkbrenner Eiker     Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer Cloutier   Volunteer

Molly Ann Eiker   Volunteer

 Rick Maxwell  Volunteer
Chrissy Walker  Volunteer

Katelynd McManus   Volunteer

Sharon Burrier     President / Adoption Coordinator / Co-treasurer

Janet Herr   Media

I love horses. All horses. I have been around them since I was a child. My favorite are thoroughbreds. Amazing athletes. My current tb is Gizmo in the picture. He is 11 yrs. old and an off the track reject. We do dressage and trail for the most part. I also have 2 dogs and 2 cats. All of them keep me young at heart. I also love gardening, cooking, traveling, and volunteering. I am a retired chemist. My last 23 years was in the Quality Control department at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Myerstown, PA. I am married to a non-horsey guy whose passion is road cycling. I live in Grantville Pa. 

As a practically life long Marylander, I started riding when I was 8 years old at Camp Waradaca and took lessons around the area through my teen years. It wasn’t until my daughters expressed an interest in riding that I finally got my first horse. 30 years after I sat on Santa’s lap and asked for one. All of our horses have come from rescues, including our newest additions from Rocky’s - Lacie and Reds. Giving these beautiful animals a second chance, a loving home, and a new outlook on human love has given us a great sense of purpose. Professionally, I have spent my career in multi-outlet operations management. I spent years on the Hill coordinating and developing Hospitality Operations for Congress and the Canadian Embassy. Currently I oversee Premium Operations at Capital One Arena for the NHL, and NBA. I thrive in, and enjoy, leading and developing teams of talented managers and dealing with the public on a daily basis. I am thrilled to be able to help Rocky’s Rescue continue their mission, and am honored to be a part of their family.

Ashley Lauer   Trainer

Aaryanne Cloutier   Trainer

Brandon Miller   Volunteer

Danny Burrier     Vice President 

Susan Mort  Co-treasurer and Secretary

My love of horses began in early childhood. For me they are beautiful, graceful and majestic creatures with a comforting and calming nature. I owned my first horse at age sixteen. I bought a registered half arabian mare for $500 with money I earned. From that point on I have owned horses for most of my adult life. I currently own two quarter horses. Bea is my mare and Jake is my beloved gelding. My interests are trail riding, western pleasure and ranch riding events. I am a proud volunteer for Rocky's Horse Rescue. My husband Randy and I own fourteen acres in the Woodsboro area of Maryland. In the early years of our marriage my husband owned a team of pony mules that he enjoyed driving and competing in weight pulls. In the 80's we wagon trained with a local group, Randy would drive and I would ride. In addition to the horses we have been involved with show dogs for 20 years. We currently have bloodhounds and redbone coonhounds. Randy has done some search and rescue work with the bloodhounds. We also have a cavalier king charles spaniel. We have finished many champions and grand champions through the years. I have also shown other breeds of dogs for friends. We have one adult daughter and a son in law and are blessed with two grandsons, Gavin and Steven. Gavin is already showing interest in the horses and nothing could make me happier!

Sabrina Zambito   Volunteer

Kyliegh Littleton  Volunteer

Liz Stitely  Volunteer