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Horses in Training / Retraining

Most of the horses that we rescue have a reason as to why they were thrown away to the auction or kill pen.  After a horse has been quarantined for 30 days, we evaluate them to see what their skill level is and if they require extra training or work.  We make sure all horses that are placed up for adoption are safe and ready for their forever home.  Below are listed the horses we currently have in training and will be available in the near future. 

Check back frequently for updates on their progress!!


is home from foster care. Destyni did an amazing job taking care of Annie for the past year. She went to foster care due to her weight and the need of handling.
Annie came in last spring with 2 stallions Beau and Traveller. Annie will now be heading to training with ACE Horsemanship. Can’t wait to see what Aaryanne can do with Annie.
She is just as lovely a horse as they come. She is only 5 years old and stands 15 hands.


 13 yr old medicine hat girl with one beautiful blue eye and the other 50:50 blue:brown.
She is 15.1 hands.
She went to the May Kenny Harlow week long training along with Zola. She is now in training with a foster and is doing well. Stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous horse !
Update:  Nita is back at home for an abcess to heal.


We pulled her from the kill pen wondering if she was pregnant. She is not. About 9 yrs. old and 16.2 hds she is a big Appendix. We have determined she needs a lot of groundwork before tacking her up. She has been placed with Ashley Lauer who will do the necessary groundwork. Stay tuned for her progress.