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Horses in Training / Retraining

Most of the horses that we rescue have a reason as to why they were thrown away to the auction or kill pen.  After a horse has been quarantined for 30 days, we evaluate them to see what their skill level is and if they require extra training or work.  We make sure all horses that are placed up for adoption are safe and ready for their forever home.  Below are listed the horses we currently have in training and will be available in the near future. 

Check back frequently for updates on their progress!!



Dutch harness mare.

8-9 yrs. old

15.1 hands

Will be going into re-training soon. 

Ajax has begun training with Aaryanne of ACE Horsemanship. He came summer of 2020 from the kill pen. He had severe thrush which had to be addressed before any work could begin. He is around 13 yrs. old and we believe he needs to be restarted.