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Sanctuary at the Rescue

Some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines become part of our Sanctuary.  They enjoy the tender loving care that was often neglected in their previous lives.  Here are their stories...


He is a 25 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.  He was the start of the rescue. Rocky would rear and spin whenever someone would try to ride him.  It was through Rocky that we came to realize the importance of dental care.  Now that Rocky's teeth have been tended to many times, Sharon has ridden him multiple times with few issues.  

Rocky is an excellent herd leader. At the Sanctuary, Rocky helps the newer horses settle into the routines of the rescue.

Ethyl and Lucy

Retired mules 


He is a 9 year old Clydesdale.  He was donated to the rescue at the New Holland Auction.  The donor saved Solomon from working in the fields since he was owner by an Amish dealer.  Solomon shows that no matter the breed of horse, horses can be overworked and abused no matter how majestic they look.  

Mrs. Potts

14 yr old Riding Mule Mare

15.2 Hands

She acts timid, but appears to be in excellent shape

She is green broke. Mrs. Potts is scared of people.  Such a shame that an animal has to endure pain and suffering at the hands of a human. 

George is an 8 year old Belgian standing at 19 hands weighing in at 2200 pounds.  Yes we weighed him.   George came to us in grave condition.  Starved seriously neglected and had burns up across his back from a harness being left on way too long.  George still carries those scars today.  George has stringhalt which causes him to walk with a gimp.