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 New Arrivals

Rescued 7/1/2020

This is a Rocky Mountain gaited horse. Aged around 18. He gaits decently but his feet are angled straight up in his heals. He tries so hard and loves to play in water. He rode with no issues in the pen with other horses. Rider also laid all over this guy we have named Deano.

His bail was set at $675

This mare is an OTTB. She is 8 years old and appeared to be very pregnant but vet has confirmed she is not pregnant.. She rides also with no issues. She will need a tune up to ride when she’s ready. We will call her Zola.

Her bail was set at $875

Zola is now on the adoptable list.

 A big stout quarter/ appendix type gelding aged at approximately 12 years old.  15.2 hands.We named him Lazy Boy. Our rider today laid all over him. He’s a walk trot canter non-spooky kind of horse. He appears to be a hubby horse.

Feet are in horrid condition.

His bail was set at $900.

Rescued July 25th 2020

Welcome Indy. From a kill pen in Ohio. She is 11 to 12 years old. Sweet as can be. Indy is in pretty bad shape as you can see. Stacy Cain and family brought her to Rockys since Sharon and Danny were indisposed. Thank you for dropping everything so late in the evening to bring her home.

Update 9/5/2020: 

Doc was out to check on Indys progress. We were very concerned that her outcome looked bleak until Sharon did the pictures of her spine. Didn’t realize how much weight this mare has actually put on in 45 days.
At this time her knee is still swollen. So a long time for healing there. X-rays were done and her knee is clean. So a tendon issue probably from a kick when she was out with some of the others. On top of that she does have minor stringhalt and appears to be abscessing on her left front.

Update 9/15/2020: Indy has been fitted with boots while her hooves grow. She just showed us a little bit of trot which is a huge improvement ! She is still on a weight gain program but feeling so much better.

Monday June 15, 2020  three new intakes. Follow for updates. Paint is Joey (9 yrs). Sorrel is Ajax (13 yrs). And the dark standardbred is Trucker (6 yrs).

Update: all three are settling nicely. Getting all their necessary care done. Happy horses.

Trucker Update: He is being treated for EPM. Trucker really needs use a monthly sponsor as he is going to be a long term rehab. First month alone is over $365.

Ajax update: He is getting treated for nasal discharge using Exceed. Other two horses also given Exceed as a precaution.

Update: Kelsey Roderick did their teeth and aged Joey and Ajax. Trucker's teeth are not his weight issue. He will be needing a lot of time to gain weight. SPONSORSHIP would be awesome !!!

Update: Joey has been adopted by our own Susan Mort !

Update 9/5/20: Beau has gone into training with Aaryanne Cloutier of Ace Horsemanship .

Just rescued. 3 PMU horses. Owner could not take care off them .  Low body scores. In need of weight and basic health care. 2 stallions and a mare (sorrel). The stallions will be gelded very soon.  All 5 years old and tightly bonded. In your hand friendly. Currently on a strict weight gain plan. Transported like old pros. Being segregated in an area away from other horses. This was an emergency rescue so we were not  fully prepared. Their pen needs new millings desperately. Please consider any donation towards their care. 

Bucksin is named Traveler.  Mare is Annie. Paint is Beau.

Update 4/13/2020:  Traveler and Beau were gelded . Next comes farrier and dentist.

Update 5/6/2020: Annie and Traveler have gone to their foster homes to enjoy some time gaining weight and healing. Beau is still looking for a foster home.

Update 5/10/2020: Beau has now gone to a foster home as well.

Update  5/30/2020   Traveler has been transferred to GAIT rescue. A rescue to rescue transfer.


Beau update  5/2020

Annie update 5/2020
 new rescues 

Howard    A mid teen standardbred cross. A large boy with dapples.

Sweet Pea  18 yrs old. blind in one eye. Adopted by our own Stephanie