Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.
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Jake's Landing's goal is to create an opportunity for anyone to discover their sense of self-worth. We want to help them do this by participating in the care and rehabilitation of horses who have been rescued from abusive and neglected pasts.

We will educate the participants about safety around horses and general basic care. The tasks will include grooming, feeding, stall cleaning, etc. The tasks will help each participant work from the ground, up to riding.

They will also spend some time helping around the farm. These tasks include fence repair, moving hay, scrubbing buckets, or filling water tubs.

There will be an educational side to the program for the participants with the horses as well. They will learn the different breeds, how to measure a horse's height, body parts of the horse, and parts of tack.

Winston Churchill once said "There is nothing so good for the inside of a man, as the outside of a horse."

Being around the horses can help all of your worries wash away. Being able to handle a thousand pound or more animal and see how it responds to you can make you feel above the world.

This project is ongoing to keep a look out for upcoming posts.