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Available for Adoption

These horses are available for adoption. They have been through our evaluation process and below is the information we know about them. If you are interested in adopting or would like anymore information, please contact us. 

Ivy  14 yr old mare.  Ivy is now in training. So far she appears to have had some training before being a broodmare.

Dakota      11 yr old Missouri Fox Trotter. 15 hands. Over 140 days in training with Ashley Lauer and sponsored by the Kathryn J Clark Foundation.


Sarabi is a big girl. She is 12 yrs. old. Draft cross. She did great for her evaluation. Rider was over 6 ft. tall and she carried him easily. She is well behaved. Seems to have more whoa than go and really just needs time under the saddle. The scar is of unkonown origin and quite old. She is completely sound. 

Zola is an OTTB. She is 8 yrs. old. Originally thought to be pregnant but she is not. She is 16 hds. Well put together and her evaluation says she has had work done with her. She was very willing and displayed some very nice under saddle work. As with most OTTBs she requires front shoes as she has to grow some foot. Sound on grass. She could go in any direction with an intermediate rider and training.