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Baby here and more on the way !!!  This is a costly adventure. We have two due any day and one in mid summer.

Friday April 23, 2021
Well here we go again. Received an emergency call to help this poor draft blind in one eye pregnant mare. Doesn’t get more pathetic then this. Confirmed due with a June - July time line.
She needs $900 bail, $150 transport, thank you Nancy Diaz, $600 for vetting, dental and farrier work plus special mommy and foal feed and alfalfa. These are critical needs to help us get her home and healthy before her foal is born. Her stall is waiting for her now. Will you be able to help?
She will never be known as tag 7971 again as long as we are alive.
Total cost just for the first month includes transport because our truck is still not running. .

Our trusty steed has gone out to pasture. 367,000 hard miles he has done. Sadly all the money spent to repair it has failed. We are crippled without it. Soon 125 huge round bales of hay must be brought to feed the horses for winter. We can not move horses around. We have to pay to have that done. The truck is our main piece of rescue equipment. Every day we get calls to help more animals and without a reliable truck we can not go and get them. We have a gofundme set up with a goal of $20,000 . To date $625 has been collected. Can you please help ? Every dollar go towards our goal.

Click on the truck icon to go to the Gofundme page


Welcome Three Sixty now renamed Thrixie. 2 other rescues asked if we could take in a pregnant Tb who has been moved around quite a bit recently. Her bail was $1500. She is rumored to have come from a Quarter horse breeding farm. This was very unplanned and our resources are tight with the current hay costs. PLEASE donate what you can for 

Thrixie and her foal.

April 2021:  Thrixie had and recovered from a case of strangles. Thankfully she has recovered before giving birth. She is due any day.


This video shows you what a kill pen is like. Taken during one of our trips to pull horses.

We saw this cute 12 year old pony while getting the 6 broncs onto their trailer. She is a cutie. Rides nicely. More Buttercup in the future.


April 18, 2021

Hard workday at the rescue. Home Depot Foundation gave us $10,000 in supplies to do MUCH needed turnout shed repairs. We got it started but May 24th we need help to continue the work, 

We had a lovely article in the Fredericksburg newspaper about the workday

Below is the link to the article. Please enjoy it..


For latest information concerning the equine industry related to Covid-19 go to :

Due to the recent events associated with the Covid19 Rocky's is closed to visitors. Volunteers are taking care of the horses but donations are needed to get us through this hard time. Any donation is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the care of the animals. Our founder runs a small business to supplement the rescue funding. Her business has closed down following state regulations until further notice.

 What is Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation ?

Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue ( EIN# 46-5656223) located in Thurmont, Maryland. It is run and cared for with a 100% volunteer staff.  We rescue equines from all over the United States to give horses, donkeys, and mules a soft place to land after being abused, neglected, or thrown away at an auction to the highest bidder. We also assist in helping horse owners find a new home for their horse if we are unable to take them in to the rescue.

Our goal as a rescue is to rescue , evaluate , rehabilitate , and find them forever homes.  This process can be easy or difficult depending on the needs of the animal rescued. Many of our equines are adopted out to live their lives happy in their forever home. However, some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines will live out their lives at our Sanctuary.  Most of our horses, donkeys, and mules can be found on the "Our Horses" tab above.

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