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There have been a lot of applications for this mare, Ava that Aaryanne Cloutier trained via ACE Horsemanship. We saw an amazing beautiful connection and had a lot to think about. When we took Ava to Aaryanne to begin the Rescued to Stardom Challenge, I told Aaryanne that this one’s different, she will need a friend to trust before you start training.
Took some time at the expo and had a conversation with Sonny Garguilo, his words of wisdom to Aaryanne were, “you’re only as good of a trainer as the horse you trained”.
After a delay, we took a step back. It is in both Avas and Aaryannes interest that they spend the rest of their lives together. Happy Adoption day Ava. You will never want again.

Dandy has been adopted by Brittany Crawford and Jeremiah Main for their son Lincoln. Brittany and Jeremiah adopted from us years ago. They adopted a Clydesdale mare we named Friday.
Love seeing their son starting riding. Can’t wait to join them on some trails this summer.

Well it seems Breeze is in love with his adopter. Abigail Cloutier is now jumping Breeze bridleless. Amazing when the right connection is made between adopter and the horse.

No experience necessary. If you love horses. If you want to make a real difference in the life of a rescue animal. If you can commit the time and energy needed. Please join us !


April 16, 2022


13 year old pony mare loves to jump. Just picked her up she will be going into quarantine with the other mare for a minimum of 30 days. Both of these mares need a lot of weight.



New intake mare around 18. Looks like a bad case of EPM.

April 26,2022

 One of our volunteers was contacted about this mini donkey that was living with goats and started being mean to them and the owner wanted him to leave asap. She went to meet him during her lunch break, contacted me and said we needed to get him out of there. The owner was feeding him a heavy scoop of medicated goat feed. FYI that’s not good for donkeys or any equines.
Danny and I hitched up after tending to the 16 horses here at the house. Upon arrival figured out quickly this little guy is feral. He’s only 2 years old, owner had bought him as a weanling to protect her goats. That backfired and to add insult to injury he doesn’t know how to lead, he doesn’t know what another horse or donkey is, never been seen by a farrier, well you get the point. Fortunately, he’s in excellent shape and his hooves aren’t horrible.
We have renamed him Zeke. Vet has already been contacted to geld him. We are going to give him a few days to settle in before we start working with him.
After Zeke is utd on shots, farrier, dental, and gelded, he will be available for adoption. Thank you Stephanie for making sure Zeke had an amazing life ahead of him.

Jan. 2 2022 killpen trip

While at the kill pen this afternoon  We did pick up an OTTB mare and a standardbred gelding. More information will follow in the next few days. Both rode with no issues and seem sound but sick. This evening they are enjoying all the hay, fresh water and a clean stall.
Princess has settled into her temporary quarters as well with no issues. I did break every rule and fed her some foal feed. We normally do not feed them feed as soon as they arrive. But knowing what she’s facing I figured why not. We put a couple bags of shavings down for her to lay in if she chooses. She’s in our small indoor riding area. So fresh hay water and some sweets for the baby.

Ottb mare is Tessa in the top far left picture (black halter)
Jughead is the Standardbred gelding in the top middle picture (red halter)
Princess is in the top right photo eating (blue halter)

Update: Princess was evaluated by our veterinarian and it was determined that her unstable legs are due to extreme malnutrition. Stay tuned for her updates.


This video shows you what a kill pen is like. Taken during one of our trips to pull horses.


 What is Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation ?

Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue ( EIN# 46-5656223) located in Thurmont, Maryland. It is run and cared for with a 100% volunteer staff.  We rescue equines from all over the United States to give horses, donkeys, and mules a soft place to land after being abused, neglected, or thrown away at an auction to the highest bidder. We also assist in helping horse owners find a new home for their horse if we are unable to take them in to the rescue.

Our goal as a rescue is to rescue , evaluate , rehabilitate , and find them forever homes.  This process can be easy or difficult depending on the needs of the animal rescued. Many of our equines are adopted out to live their lives happy in their forever home. However, some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines will live out their lives at our Sanctuary.  Most of our horses, donkeys, and mules can be found on the "Our Horses" tab above.