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49 animals rescued 3/26/21   !!!!

A large seizure/surrender took place yesterday in Western PA. It began early in the morning and went well into the next day, to be sure no animal was left behind, and all were safely in rescuers hands. 47 total, horses, donkeys, a pig and alpacas were taken in by 19 PA and out of state 501c3 rescues. All were evaluated by a veterinarian and documented by Police and Humane Police Officers. This is an open, on going investigation.
The rescues have all gotten their horses/animals safely to their barns, and others are under a vets care at their facility. This major rescue effort was organized by Tracy Anderson, of Rory Ridge Rescue. The rescues involved are as follows:
Impact Equine, MI
One Life At A Time, PA
Long Meadow Equine Rescue, VA
Pennsylvania Equine Rescue and Retirement Foundation, PA
Izzy's Love Equine Rescue, MD
Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue, MI
Omega Horse Rescue, PA
Nalani Horse Rescue, VA
Long Ear Rescue, SC
MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, MD
Rory Ridge Rescue, PA
Dorset Equine Rescue, VT
The Foxy G Foundation, MD
Bella Run Equine, OH
Focus Rescue and Rehabilitation, OH
Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, MD
Life Horse, Inc. PA
Gerda's Equine Rescue, VT
Equine Rescue Network, MA
Transportation and quarantine were provided by:
Nancy Diaz, PA
Kelly Black, Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue, MD
Eric Troxell
Life Horse Inc. Joe Topper and Beth Walker
All rescues are now accepting donated funds for the care and needs of these animals. Any support is appreciated, I'm sure!
Kudos to everyone involved for working together to get these animals out of a bad situation and on the road to recovery, and for some, adopted into approved homes.
Rocky’s brought home a mare and a 2 week old filly that was born in manure and another mare that is possibly pregnant. They are in need of many things farrier, dental work and vetting. They are in fair condition but should be in much better condition. The pictures do not show how thin these mares actually are.
If you would like to donate to the care of these mares, filly and possibly one stowaway in mares belly, please see below for our PayPal link. They look better in the pictures then in real life.

The filly has been named Josie. Her dam is Ava. Ava is about 10 yrs old. The medicine hat mare has been named Nita and she is about 13 yrs. old. All three are doing very well now that their care is being properly addressed. We look forward to posting updates.

April 11th 2021   Workday at rescue. 



Welcome Three Sixty now renamed Thrixie. @ other rescues asked if we could take in a pregnant Tb who has been moved around quite a bit recently. Her bail was $1500. She is rumored to have come from a Quarter horse breeding farm. This was very unplanned and our resources are tight with the current hay costs. PLEASE donate what you can for Thrixie and her foal.


Fundraiser is closed. Thank you all for your support.

  Orders will arrive March 31st through April 9th, 2021. 

Our hay costs have skyrocketed and funds needed to get us through to the new hay this year.  Every purchase helps. Total was  39 shirts sold netting the rescue around $390 !

This is a story of a little girl and an adopted horse from us. The mares name is Ember. The story is written by Izzy’s grandmother who is the owner of Ember.
Izzy had just turned 3 when she had a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. She had been sick for several months but dr’s chalked it up to allergies and the fact she had started daycare the past Sept. Jan 19 she was brought to a local hospital when after four g blood work rushed her straight to Hasbro Children’s hospital in Providence.
After a couple days of testing, one test was bone marrow removed from her hip, it was determined she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was admitted and for a month and started a 2 year treatment that included inpatient stay for first month, aggressive chemo and many lumbar puncture procedures which removed and tested spinal fluid.
She went into remission after her in patient stay, which meant there were no more cancer cells. She was able to go home but she needed to continue to receive weekly chemo at the clinic.
Izzy always had a connection and special love for animals and spent many hours in barns and around horses literally since the day she was born. Izzy was 6 months on treatment when I adopted Ember from Rocky’s Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation.
From the beginning there was a clear connection between them. Ember clearly understood Izzy was not well, and even on her steroid days when she was impossible, Ember seemed to make her feel better.
Ember was unsure at first, it took some time for me to earn her trust, but she always dropped her head for Izzy. I have never had to worry about Izzy going into her stall or paddock with Em, she was always very careful around Izzy who is convinced Ember is a Unicorn and at night grows a horn from her white dot in her forehead.
Izzy is now 8 and has begun riding Ember. She is soft handed and a natural on her. Ember responds to Izzys soft words and it’s beautiful to watch. We walk up the road and Izzy has total control of the reins.
I thought I was adopting a horse for me, but clearly she was meant for Izzy and I’m convinced her recovery would not have been as quick and successful if it had not been for the love therapy she gets from Ember, who by the way smells like Roses
We are excited to announce that Star has found her forever home with Jeanie Law-Orfanos. It was love on first trail ride. 

Jan. 2021 Rescue

We have named her Ariel. She is a big 16.2 hd bay mare around 9 years old. She may be pregnant. After she settles in we shall have the vet out to check. She stood at the pen for weeks and contracted strangles while there. She is in quarantine as we do with all new animals. Strangles is very contagious so we must ensure she is still not contagious. 

This video shows you what a kill pen is like. Taken during one of our trips to pull horses.

We saw this cute 12 year old pony while getting the 6 broncs onto their trailer. She is a cutie. Rides nicely. More Buttercup in the future.

Joy has been adopted by the Shipskys. 


The link to our Facebook page

Well we have a surprise. Suspicions acknowledged. River is about 6 months pregnant. Dr. Tuck did confirm some other thoughts that this young 8 year old mare has been used as a broodmare. Which for her this will be her last baby. 
Today River cost the rescue $220 to have her checked and a sonogram done. If you would like to contribute towards these costs please see the link below.
Update: Whisper is also pregnant and will be due around the same time as River. Yes BOTH MARE WERE IN A KILL PEN PREGNANT AND WITH COLTS BY THEIR SIDES......

For latest information concerning the equine industry related to Covid-19 go to :

Due to the recent events associated with the Covid19 Rocky's is closed to visitors. Volunteers are taking care of the horses but donations are needed to get us through this hard time. Any donation is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the care of the animals. Our founder runs a small business to supplement the rescue funding. Her business has closed down following state regulations until further notice.

 What is Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation ?

Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue ( EIN# 46-5656223) located in Thurmont, Maryland. It is run and cared for with a 100% volunteer staff.  We rescue equines from all over the United States to give horses, donkeys, and mules a soft place to land after being abused, neglected, or thrown away at an auction to the highest bidder. We also assist in helping horse owners find a new home for their horse if we are unable to take them in to the rescue.

Our goal as a rescue is to rescue , evaluate , rehabilitate , and find them forever homes.  This process can be easy or difficult depending on the needs of the animal rescued. Many of our equines are adopted out to live their lives happy in their forever home. However, some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines will live out their lives at our Sanctuary.  Most of our horses, donkeys, and mules can be found on the "Our Horses" tab above.