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Rose and Thor                                   July 05,2021

We have raised $1610. We still need another $1045 to cover just their sale costs. 

There’s a momma and baby standing at New Holland we would like to try and buy today. Colt is a gypsy vanner cross  and mom is a beautiful TWH. 

Horse prices are incredibly high since Covid hit. I know it makes no sense but neither does a 2 month old baby nursing on its momma being in an auction barn. They said momma looks defeated and sad. Can we be their freedom ride today? All donations are 100% tax deductible.


Rose and Thor have settled in nicely to quarantine. 2 fans are being set up now to help them stay cool with all the hot weather we are having.
Rose is a beautiful TWH very gentle and loving. Thor is approximately 3-4 months old and is just as gentle and loving as his mother.  The papers of his sire are in the pictures.
They won’t see the inside of another sale barn as long as we are alive. Rose was tired and weary. She’s relaxing now. But we still need to raise just the cost of $2650 total and we are short $1,040, that doesn’t include dental specialty feed and alfalfa.

Meet Big Blue

After many tears prayers and a lot of supporters we did it!!!! You made this possible for us to buy a 2006 Ford F 350 to make sure we stay open for many years to come.
Danny and I are humbled by the generosity that people have shown us these past couple of weeks when we discovered our old Ford just can’t be fixed. We have put over 200,000 miles on that old truck running this rescue and have saved so many amazing horses that I am sharing stories about. The truck broke down with 387,000 miles on it.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. God bless each and everyone of you for making this possible. And a huge shout out to Gene Bogley at
for supporting what we do and giving us the time needed to purchase this truck.

We also have many businesses we need to thank. Their help has been astronomical in supporting this rescue to make sure our doors stay open.  Please consider patronizing these businesses when you need something.

Some of the great truck donation letters we received

Today I picked the truck up from The Hitchman in Taneytown Md. Adam the owner, only charged the rescue the labor cost. He donated the hideaway B & W hitch and installed the wiring. So please give him a huge thank you for helping us continue moving forward.
They also have a wide variety of utility trailers for sale. Ironically we bought our utility trailer here years ago. 

 115 York St, Taneytown, MD21787
(410) 756-2430
9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm

Click on icon for Hitchman website


Welcome Three Sixty now renamed Thrixie. 2 other rescues asked if we could take in a pregnant Tb who has been moved around quite a bit recently. Her bail was $1500. She is rumored to have come from a Quarter horse breeding farm. This was very unplanned and our resources are tight with the current hay costs. PLEASE donate what you can for 

Thrixie and her foal.

April 2021:  Thrixie had and recovered from a case of strangles. Thankfully she has recovered before giving birth. She is due any day.


Overnight Thrixie gave birth to a healthy colt. He has been named Anthony (Tony)


This video shows you what a kill pen is like. Taken during one of our trips to pull horses.


April 18, 2021

Hard workday at the rescue. Home Depot Foundation gave us $10,000 in supplies to do MUCH needed turnout shed and fence repairs. We got it started but May 23rd we need help to continue the work, 

We had a lovely article in the Frederick Post News about the workday and rescue.

Below is the link to the article. Please enjoy it.

May 23,2021

Work continued with help from many devoted volunteers without whom we could not get this done. The rotting turnout shed housing Indy and Granpa is being torn down after a new larger shed is built. It was a hot sunny day but the work progressed nicely. There is still a roof to put on.

The Frederick News-Post article about the rescue and how the community care together to make it a reality
June 28, 2021


 What is Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation ?

Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501c3 non-profit horse rescue ( EIN# 46-5656223) located in Thurmont, Maryland. It is run and cared for with a 100% volunteer staff.  We rescue equines from all over the United States to give horses, donkeys, and mules a soft place to land after being abused, neglected, or thrown away at an auction to the highest bidder. We also assist in helping horse owners find a new home for their horse if we are unable to take them in to the rescue.

Our goal as a rescue is to rescue , evaluate , rehabilitate , and find them forever homes.  This process can be easy or difficult depending on the needs of the animal rescued. Many of our equines are adopted out to live their lives happy in their forever home. However, some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines will live out their lives at our Sanctuary.  Most of our horses, donkeys, and mules can be found on the "Our Horses" tab above.